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  • IB Switch

    We are happy to accept all your calls in your companies name. You can use your own telephone number – as call forwarding to your location or from your location to us. We do not use variable staff like a call center – we are your personal switchboard.

    IB Switch
  • Secretarial service

    Idle Times, holiday- and representation costs disappear from your cost structure. During business hours we offer you a professional back office with perfect trained and multilingual staff. You say goodbye to high personal costs, because with us, you only pay for the actual services received.


    Secretarial service
  • Accounting Service

    Leading Business Books, preparatory activities in the area of financial accouting, editing your debitors and also the legwork for your tax return.



    Accounting Service
  • Outsourcing office

    You only need partial support in your daily routine, but want to take distance from fixed manpower costs? Use our perfect trained and multilingual staff. We come directly to your location and work for you like your own office assistant.


    Outsourcing office

IHR BÜRO  Ltd. in Frankfurt am Main

IB Switch
Your Telephone Service

By the phone accepting service from IHR BÜRO Ltd., you have the assurance, that all phone calls will be accepted and forwarded directly to you. There is the possibility for custom care, without permanent personal attendance.

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Secretarial Services
Outsourcing made easy

During the business hours you can use our professional, multilingual back office staff. All administrative activities will be handled on your behalf and prepared for further processing.

your benefits

Accounting Service
Preparatory Accounting etc.

Leading your Business Books, editing creditors and also the assisting for your tax return. We also prepare your documents for tax accountant and will be your personal secretary in case of queries.

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Outsourcing Office
We will visit you directly at your location

You only have a emergence of adminitrative acitivities, but you spare the personal fix costs? Use our multilingual staff, which will visit you directly at your location.

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